Something big awaits.

Today I just got my unpaid leave approval from my boss. I didn’t show any emotions whatsoever when my boss passed me the letter. But it made me thinking, is this the right thing?  I mean, is this what I want? Emm.. But nah! it is just me who hates saying goodbye, although it is only for 15 months.

Screen Shot 2014-07-11 at 10.48.15 PM
Unpaid Leave Statement

5th September 2014, 1 month 26 days more to go. I will leave my country, my home, my friends, my loved ones, my comfort zone just to further my what-so-called education in London. Imperial College London majoring Petroleum Geoscience, to be precise. To be honest, I don’t know how do I get here. It happens so fast. Studying abroad is one of my teenage dream. When I finally get a job in 2011, where I worked right now, my plan is to end up slaving to this company forever. But nothing good comes easy. Everything was beyond my expectation. I felt so inexperience and knowledge-less. This is too heavy for a fresh-graduate like me. Furthermore, my perfectionist boss keeps suppressed me and the environment was not that friendly at first. I need to find my escape plan, and this MSc thing recalls. I know I’m not that ready and the real reason of all of this was more to escape from my daily-routine-hectic job. I decided to settle at the office a little bit more, so I waited until I’m ready to think about my master degree more seriously.

It was in November 2012 when I had a ‘Sandstone Reservoir’ training in Dubai. It makes me fall in love with geology (again)! haha I think this is the right time to take a little step further. After arrived in Jakarta, I take IELTS right away and get a-not-so-suprised-typical-standard score. It was expensive though~~. I realized that maybe I need to calm down for a while, while in fact I also don’t have any sponsor nor funds to support my plan. There’s no way if I burden my mom to pays up my education. That is why I need to find another way, anything.

After regaining my mood, I applied for ADS (Australian Development Scholarship) and Cheavening Scholarship. The result? I failed. Big time! haha It was more like “get a sponsor” or “not studying” at all. So I kind of lost and down at that moment, until i finally got a hope.

Email from ADS regarding my application
Email from ADS regarding my application
Another rejection
Another rejection

That magical days happened when I finally got a chance to do Omra at February 2014. One of the best moment I will never forgot. The feeling was more than got to see eiffel tower for the first time, went to disneyland which was called the happiest place on earth or went to any other place in this world. Allah is so nice to me, fulfilling a wish that I only ask 2 or 3 times when I was there. Yeah, that was not my primary wishes, but still, Allah never sleeps and listen to every prayers and maybe this is the best for me.

I remember applying for Imperial College on 2nd February 2014 (before I went Omra) and finally got the conditional offer on 25th February 2014 (after I went Omra). I need to met several conditions to have unconditional offer at that time, and there were:

  • Paid £2.550 for deposit payment
  • IELTS overall 6.5 (all bands must above 6.0)
  • Letter of Sponsorship
  • Original Transcript

Actually, I also applied for Aberdeen University at 6th February 2014 (also before I went Omra) but the offer came a little bit late than Imperial College, at 3rd March 2014. After a not-so-long thought, I finally chose Imperial College London (P.S: I choose the city haha).

I have trouble with the English requirements. The first ‘unprepared’ IELST test I’ve take, only got 6.0 for overall band. I try again, the overall has reached 6.5  (I’ve got all bands for 7.0 except writing test for 5.5). But I need minimum 6.0 for all bands that is why I must try again and hoping this would end so I could move forward to take care of other things. And I passed! With a beyond-expectation result! Alhamdulillah!

My recent IELTS test score
My recent IELTS test score (It is not that impressive, but who cares, as long as I got accepted :p)

Finding a scholarship to support my education is another story. When I was in Mecca, I was in my hotel room with my sister and cousins waiting for adzan. A roomboy, who is an Indonesian, greeted us and asked why we’re looked bore and not played with our phone. We said it is because the wifi is expensive haha. And then he gave us the password, for FREE! Alhamdulillah! hehe After I finally got an internet connection, a lot of chats and emails came in.

In my emails, there was my colleague who wants to say goodbye because she will studying in Melbourne starting June 2014 and get a scholarship from ADS. I contacted her and told her that I’ve applied for ADS too but got rejected. She told me not to giving up and encouraged me to try LPDP, an Indonesian Scholarship from Ministry of Finance. I’m not sure if I want to try or not. Honestly, I’m not a fan of Indonesian regulations (it’s ironic, since I am working in one of that kind haha). But, after coming back to Jakarta I finally give it a try.

I apply for LPDP at 29 February 2014, the very last day to apply in the March-Batch. The announcement for this administration selection was at 26th March 2014. I’ve got a schedule for an interview and ‘leader-less’ discussion at 29th March 2014. The announcement for this selections sent by email at 29th April 2014. And finally, the last selection was called ‘Pelatihan Kepepimpinan’ (PK). I was in a batch 12 from 11th -17th May 2014. This scholarship endeavor is over as the announcement for this PK published at 2nd June 2014 and I am oficially an Awardee of this scholarship. Alhamdulillah. So, in total the process only took 3 months and 2 days.

And right now, this is ME preparing my mental, brain, financial, mind and heart to face new circumstances to fill out my pages of my own little life-book.

And this is my story begin..


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