Congraduation Mom!

I forgot to write again *sigh.

I went to Jogja last week to attend my mom’s graduation in Gadjah Mada University. My mom took her Doctoral degree there by  flying back and forth in the middle of her activities to Yogyakarta.

Well, I don’t think having a doctoral degree is that attractive to me. I mean, FIVE years of studying, don’t you have something else to do? *rollingeyes. It is like you are studying for your entire life! haha *lazymindspeaking

But, wait! Justin Bieber said NEVER SAY NEVER, soo.. i will follow him and try to bite my tongue. hehe *finger-crossed

Anyway, Congratulation of your graduation Dr. drg. Komalawati Sp. Ortho! You have no idea, you are giving so much inspiration to your surroundings. To the strongest woman i have ever known,


You middle daughter,


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