Ora Beach: Heaven On Earth Part 1

It was on June 2014 when I decided to have a holiday. Despite of a lot of things regarding my preparation that needs to be taken care of, I finally choose a beach to refresh my mind.

Actually, I was more like a-city-tour-person or than a-beach-one. I love beach, don’t get me wrong, but I prefer to look out different cultures, histories and natures in every city of the worlds (or subburbs), that doing a extreme-sport-challenge holiday. Besides, there’s so much to see in the city instead of going to a place where you could only saw  is water haha. But since I went to this Ora beach, I might wanna change my mind.

Ora beach is an exotic and extremely remote destination in Eastern Indonesia. An island that hidden away on the North Coast of Seram Island, Maluku Indonesia.

Me and my friend Agata Vanessa agreed to join a tour than arrange it by ourselves. The tour is called Kakaban Tour. No, the holiday destination arranged by this tour’s not only Derawan Island where Kakaban Island being the part of. It is just the name. The tour that I joined is an open-trip, so you will meet new friends there. For details, check out their website here. Honestly, It is a little bit expensive compared to go there by yourself, but Kakaban Tour already have a lot of experience in managing holidays, so I could assure you that it is all worth it!

FYI, the tour cost IDR 6.750.000 (for 4 days 3 nights). The fees include all transportation (plane, boat,car), meals (breakfast,lunch,dinner), city tour to Ambon and  a Tour Leader/photographer haha. The only thing that you need to pay by yourself is an airport tax and transportation to/from Soekarno Hatta Airport. Oh, and don’t worry, if you don’t have one, you could rent a snorkling equipment for IDR 50.000/day (fin & mask).

THE TIME HAS COME! *excitedface

We take a midnight flight (00.15 WIB) to Ambon by Batik Air. Well, I never flew with that one, I thought it is a typical-cheap-airlines. Suprisingly, it has a bigger seats and have a seat-back TV! *childishlyhappy. All you have to bring is only your earphone! (otherwise you should buy it for IDR25.000; or not, of course).

P.S: since it is in the middle of the night, I didn’t use the entertaiment at all. I slept right away haha.

We arrived at 06.30 WITA in Pattimura Airport and welcomed by a-not-very-nice weather. The rain pours almost all day! Well, it is not that heavy, but still! *grumpy. Anyway, the tour leader took us to have an early breakfast. What I meant by early is REALLY EARLY, since in Jakarta was probably still 05.00 AM! *cry. Anyway this is what we ate :

Yellow Rice, Cakalang Fish and a lot of side dishes. Nyum!

After having breakfast, we go directly to the port to have a-two-hours-bumpy ride on the sea to Masahi City. Have you ever rode a roller coaster? You know that kind of tingling feeling in your stomach when the ride fall (almost) vertically? Yup! That happens for the last 30 minutes. Let me re-phrase it, it is like being in a 30 minutes-roller-coaster! *cry. Hopefully, I’m not that kind of person who easily having a sea-sick, I just find it hard to sleep, that’s all.

We arrived at Masahi at 12 PM and having lunch there. Most of the food was seafood. My favorite dish was the Fish Yellow Soup!!! Delicious!! This yellow soup was made from tuna or mubara fish spiced with turmeric and lime. You must definitely try it!

The Famous Yellow Soup
Full Team Waiting for The Food to be Served

After having lunch, we’re continued our trip with two cars for 3 and a half hours. I don’t remember exactly how was the trip. It is because I slept at the back of the car almost along the journey haha.

Finally! We arrived at 3PM at Saleman Port. We must use a 10 minutes boat (the last one, don’t worry) to go to Ora Resort, where we lived for 3 days. But the rain came again! *sigh So we must wait for another 20 minutes. Actually, we could saw our resort from the Saleman Port, but since the rain pours, the heavy fog hiding it.

The Board Sign Says It All


We’re arrived at our destination, the famous Ora Resort at around 4PM. Ora Resort is the only (up until now) resort in the island. There are 7 floating cottages and 3 cottages in the land. For better view, I suggest you take the floating one. The water is crystal clear, you could saw corals, fish and another sea creatures without even dive-into the sea. I even saw an octopus in front of our cottage in the morning at the last day.Too bad I did not have the chance to captured it. Oh, please beware of the sea urchins, it is poisonous.  You could also relax in the terrace to just enjoying the view, especially at the afternoon. Masha Allah!



After unpacked our bags, me and Agata decided to do snorkling right away! haha The rest of the group were tired, so only the two of us playing in the beach. It was like having a private beach hehe. The weather surprisingly turns out good and shiny! Even though the rain comes a little heavy before, we could saw the corals pretty clear. After that, we went kayaking till the sun sets (and it means we need to go home).

Underwater Selfie
The Sun’s almost Sets.

The Dinner was ready at 8 PM. The taste was extremely good (considering we were very hungry hehe). We were sleeping little bit early (at 9 PM), because tomorrow’s schedule was gonna be a full day. Oh, the electricity will be off everyday at 12 PM. So, it is better for you to charge your electronic devices before then.

*to be continue*

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