London : Where it starts

I finally arrived at London at 5th September 2014 in the afternoon. My friend, whom I never met, picking me up at the airport. Her name is Rosi. She was an awardee of the same scholarship as me and we end up talking om facebook because she is studying at London too. At first, I want to order a cab because I bring hefty baggages. But Rosi try insists me to take experience (strolling around with baggage) by tubes and buses. And she succeed haha. I finally agreed to take public transportation together and I know it still could be fun anyway. She accompany me to my flat, even help me lift my stuff! Alhamdulillah, such nice people still do exist. 🙂

I Lost My Bag

After I passed the immigration, I walk towards the baggage claims to find my pink baggage with a small cabin baggage and backpack in my hand. And.. I could not find it. Surprisingly, I did not panic at all. Somehow my mind was set to a positive mode. I asked the airport officer and he said I must come at the Emirates office. The Emirates officer say calmly: “Your baggage is in the next flight, we will contact you and please fill this form, make sure you have your address, we will send you baggage to your home”.

Me, still in a positive mode, trying to digest what he says and thinking the possible impact. Instead of saying Astagfirullah, I would say Alhamdulillah. Because it means I don’t have to stroll and lift my large-30kgs-pink bag to home (remember, I still have my cabin bag & heavy backpack to bring). They send my bag two days later. Alhamdulillah I still have clothes and important belongings in my cabin bag, so I do not have much trouble while waiting for my bag to come.

Honestly, my lost bag does not come with a good condition, in fact I do not think I could use it anymore. The upper lock was broken, 1 wheel disappeared. But, Alhamdulillah nothing was lost.

IMG_1098Did I get mad? Hmm,, I did not get angry as I think I would react to this. Somehow I believe that everything has reasons why it happens. There is always something for you to say Alhamdulillah. I always ask for the best in my prayers, and I believe Allah will fulfill it.

I think I will choose to set my mind in those for at least when I am in here and try to not to be upset easily. I believe Allah will protect me, simply because I fight alone right now and nobody could give me strength as my ‘closest human being’ could give.

I am not trying to be sentimental, but sometimes it takes you a distance to grow up.

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