Morrocco: Exotic Land Part 2

Day 2

I woke up at 6 AM and realize that it is still dark right here. I took a shower with hot water (yes, they do have it) and get ready for breakfast at 7 AM. Our breakfast served a little bit early because the tour driver will pick us up to have a one-day-tour to Essaoira at 7.45 AM. Essaoira is a port city in Western Morrocco.

Breakfast at Amiri's
Breakfast at Amiri’s

Finally the driver shows at 8.15 AM. We are the last passenger to be  picked and there are already 5 people in the car. Three are French and 2 are African-American (who I later found out were muslims). The tour costs 275 dirham or €25 per person. So here we go, going to a place that I do not even know, with strangers in a random car, without air conditioner while it is 40 degrees outside. Perfect! haha.

Our first stop was a place called Khmissa Argan. It is not my first time joining a tour. So it is probably an obligatory visit by the tour like when you are in Hongkong or China (usually you must go to a Jewellery shop and ‘being insisted’ to buy something). Since I do not know what Argan is, I am not interested at all.

When you go inside, you will see some woman grinding and removed the fleshy pulp of the argan fruit. Normally, Argan oil is used to dip bread in at breakfast by Moroccans, but right now it is gaining a reputation as an ingredients in culinary and cosmetics.

When they explain their products, emm, I kind of want to buy the one for the hands haha. Well, when you are in London, your skin become very dry and need to keep hydrated. hehe But I did not buy it in the end because I thought it just me being impulsive. By the way, the Argan oil in that shop cost 170 dirham/100ml.

Khmissa Argan
Khmissa Argan
The ladies peeling of the dry fruit of Argan.
The ladies pulling out the dry Argan Fruits.

After that, we continued our journey to Essaoira. In the middle of the trip, we saw the Argan Trees climbed by goats! Cute! The goats have adapted to climb the Argan trees for their bright yellow, olive-sized fruit. After the goats have digested the fruit, they expel pits which contain kernels that are ground to produce a highly valuable, nutty Argan oil. Oh, you will be offered to carry the goats, but do not expect it to be free 😉


The Climbing Goats
The Climbing Goats

We are arrived at Essaoira at 12 PM. The weather much colder than Marrakech which I looove haha. If we moved to the west, you will see a fort which was the set of Game of Thrones. The city centre is full of street vendors, and we found Argan Oil for only 60 Dirham. HA! We also found out that the women in a place that we visited before is not even real *shock. They being paid to pretend peeling dried Argan Fruit and grinding it *sad. And not forget to mention they extremely higher price. Alhamdulillah, I am not buying anything there.

Tips: Do not be impulsive. They can feel if you really like what they are selling and you should show off your negotiation skills.


Street vendors


This Fort was the set of Game of Thrones
This Fort was the set of Game of Thrones

For lunch, you should try their famous seafood. I did not have a chance to eat there because I did not know they have seafood! haha We end up eating pasta and cousous in the city centre 😀


Seafood Booth

We went home at 9 PM. We are a little bit tired and sleep early.

Day 3

We went to museum and palaces near our hotel and visit a mosque before going back to London. So far, this is the most spontaneous trip I have ever made haha. But hopefully I am with a great companion, so everything could be solved with laugh and positive mind haha.


Musée Tiskiwin


Tombeaux saadiens (Saadian Tombs)
Tombeaux saadiens (Saadian Tombs)

Bahia Palace


Bahia Palace

A mosque which I forget the name
A mosque (which I forget the name)

Alhamdulillah we have got a nice taxi driver to the Airport. 100 dirham only for both of us. Another funny thing was, It is  a common thing in here if we shared taxi with another passenger. So, after the driver transporting an old man who was already in the car (with us in the the taxi), he will send us to the airport and go home.

If anyone asked me, did I want to go back? Hmm.. maybeeee not. Not because I do not like it, but I think there are still many cities in this world waiting to be seen. 😉

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