A Glimpse of Scotland’s Treasure Part 2

At the 3rd day, we took a one day tour from Glasgow to several locations in the hill such as Loch Ness, Inverness and Glacoe. The location was the set of several movies such as James Bond, Game of Thrones etc. Alhamdulillah, this time the weather is nice! Not raining at all. I am not gonna spoiled you on the details how beautiful it was in words. The images say it all.

I did not know why I did that pose.

IMG_183910712981_10152743009199176_1386111016508951615_n1922283_10152743008354176_9010754490696952607_n 10687100_10152743007729176_3673261480585838634_n (1) 10672214_10152743008959176_5105000271669051590_nIMG_1855 IMG_1886 IMG_1880 IMG_1894 IMG_1916 IMG_195010687100_10152743007729176_3673261480585838634_n IMG_1926


Yes. I am scared. *trying to fool you with a smile
Yes. I am scared. *trying to fool you with a smile
For your reference

Oh, I love mountains! I should come again, someday. Inshaa Allah..

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