Musical Journey: Jason Mraz

I always adore his music, although he has a weird facial expression when he sings (his upper lip somehow stretched to the left).  Okay, I just made another bizarre comment again haha. Anyway, I buy his concert ticket in Royal Albert Hall on 26 September 2014. But the not-so-smart faiza  completely forgot THE DATE of the concert. Instead, she comes to another place with friends *standing applause. After rushing back to the flat (a lot of running involved) and finally arrived late *cry. It turns out that I missed 3 -4 songs , but it is still worth it!

My favorite songs from the new album, Yes! are ‘Out of My Hands’ and ‘3 Things’. Oh he is a true musician! He even could sing while talking about pig *seriously. And how he interacts with the audience proved that he enjoys what he is doing. Oh, he has a good sense of a humor too!

IMG_2271 IMG_2263 IMG_2249 IMG_2250

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