Manchester United

Let me get this straight, I’m not fancy football. But I keep on visiting football club *sigh. I even took a stadium tour for £16 haha. Well, it was my friend who really loves Manchester United and want to visit the stadium at her very last day in UK. So, I just join her only for the sake of our friendship :p.

We took a very cheap bus from London to Manchester (£5 only!) the journey took 4 and a half hour. We want to take the earliest schedule, but since we got up late, so we took the next one at 10.00 AM :P. From the coach station, we took a tram and finally arrived at the stadium at 15.00 PM.

The tour cost £16 (for students) and £18 (for adults). The tour took about 1 hour in total. At first, I did not think that I will enjoy the tour whatsoever. But, the tour guide (his name is peter) who is witty, giving explanations in to the tourist funnily. So, people like me could understand.

We went to the megastore to buy some souvenirs and got home at 6.30 PM. The return ticket a little expensive at £15, but we do not have a choice (beggars don’t choose!), so we took it. We arrived at home in the middle of the night and I just realize that I only went there for 3 and a half hour and ONLY for the stadium tour haha. No, I still do not interested  in football, if you may ask. Well, I did not say I hate it either. 😉



The only player I knew.




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